1. Ida Ayu Kadek Devi
Beautiful Artis Indonesia from Bali, Ida Ayu Kadek Devi. This beautiful girl born 7 November 1985 and was born in the city of flowers, Bandung.
2. Dwi Putrantiwi
Dwi Putrantiwi artist born in Jakarta, 10 March 1983 there was a movie player and a model of Indonesia, with their beauty, kelihainnya in the world of acting, bi putrantiwi name skyrocketed since playing movies virgin pocong rope.
3. Aura
Aura singer who was born in Bandung is debuting as a singer started his career as a finalist miss Indonesia 2007.Pemilik full name Sanny Aura Syahrani started his career debut through miss Indonesia 2007 finalist representing porvinsi Lampung. Syahrini familiar call, issued a debut album that is themed slightly naughty “angel teaser” with single hits were Mari sex. This song is known for its singles dance hall. Aura also have an obsession that is if there is an opportunity to maen with same-Duran Duran and really want to be collaboration with the Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash)
4. Juliana Moechtar
Juliana Moechtar, a model, actress and finalist of Miss Indonesia 2010 representing the province of Aceh Darussalam (NAD). This beautiful girl’s full name is Juliana Moechtar or commonly called Lilly, who was born in Aceh on May 1, 1989. Lilly a hobby in the field of modeling, acting and dancing is an admirer of actor Brad Pitt and actress Angelina Jolie.
5. Rini Lovelyluna
Rini Lovelyluna is one sexy model from Indonesia. Currently Lovelyluna Rini is a student in one of the private universities. Rini Lovelyluna itself comes from Manado. Besides in the mmodeling and photography, Rini had become one Lovelyluna model video clips famous band in Indonesia.
6. Sandra Yosefine
Sandra Yosefine is a model who was born in Indonesia (Jakarta March 22, 1988) Sandra Yosefine is a very sexy celebs Indonesia, she started her career in modeling haunted but now he has become the favorite models of Super Indo.
7. Maureen
Maureen is a very pretty model with a sexy body and loves to nude photos, but still with a sexy body and beautiful face he considered a very brave model of Indonesia.
8. Aunt Vivi
Hehehehe ….. if that is still not a model. But the point by 99RATIZ ONLINE, so-so being called sexy women who have voluptuous style …… hehehehehe …. MUPENG COY!
9. Emma Kurnia
Emma Kurnia, indeed a candidate model that really matters sections. Anyway who the man in Indonesia must-tot eyes bulged out all deh ….. heheheheh. I mean if you look at Emma Kurnia Neng style

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